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The Archaeology of Trash

What does trash teach us about a community?


Module 4 - Week 7

Trashy Vocabulary

  • Trashy and trash have two very different meanings, so be careful how you use them!

  • trash heaps

  • garbage

  • rubbish (more common in Br Eng)

  • incinerator

  • recycle

  • reuse

  • repurpose

  • landfill

  • toxic fumes

  • groundwater

  • refuse (changing the pronunciation changes the meaning)

  • shards and scraps

  • dump (also has multiple meanings!)

Image by Jéan Béller

Working on a Trash Mountain in Delhi

NPR Audio Story

Garbage Pickers

A Day in the Life

Listen to learn more about a mountain of trash near Delhi and the people who earn their livelihoods as trash pickers


In Nebraska, old cars have been turned into a replica of Stonehenge



NPR Story

What is CarHenge? Listen to this story to find out!

Stung Meanchey.jpg

Garbage Throughout History

Black and White Star in Circle

Module 4 - Week 8

A Song for Covid

Thomas Kaufman, 17, Lance Algabre, 18, Andrew Garcia, 17

This song is inspired by the brutal couple of months that followed the first spike of Covid-19 in the United States. We felt ourselves become anxious, and depressed, and we wrote this song to try and spread some positivity to teenagers all over the world. We recorded different parts at our houses. We videoed some of the instruments live and some not. All of the videoed vocals are lip-synced in order to increase the workflow, creativity and fun. Aside from recording stuff, I created a fake Zoom, called Boom, to be the canvas, if you will, of the video.


I just wanna, I just wanna go outside,

Staying inside got me losing my mind (x2)

I just wanna go outside

Stayin' inside, I've lost my mind

Think about all those times

Remember those good old days

Before we stood 6ft away

Now they are just memories to replay

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