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Humans in Motion

How is our shared human experience defined by migration?

Image by Sébastien Goldberg

Peopling the Earth

Khan Academy

People have always been on the move. All of us can trace our ancestry to other lands. Watch this video to learn more about how humankind spread throughout the Earth,

Why do people leave?

What do they hope to find?
What are some of the characteristics of people that leave?

Push Factors

Why do people leave their homes?

Pull Factors

What do they hope to find?

Borders and Walls

Our Shared Human Experience

1. What is the purpose of borders?
2. What is the purpose of walls? Are they the same as borders?
3. Are borders and walls always visible?
4. How do the visible and invisible borders people encounter shape their lives?
5. How can borders and walls work in an ethical way?

Module 2 - Week 4


Young People on the Move

Each immigrant has their own personal story. Watch the slideshow to learn more.


Looking at Immigration Through a Different Lens

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